Advanced stand alone embroidery digitizing software.

Available in 3 Modules:                                                                      Art-D60, Art-E30 and Art-E25


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A well organized toolset and many optional synchronized views which help you to create amazing designs and edit existing designs.

It is intuitive and easy to learn regardless of how creatively demanding or sophisticated the design needs are.

This product includes all the resources to create designs from scratch.  Document map, object inspector, embroidery object sequence, embroidery stitch sequence and navigation bar and simulation window.

Built in scalable pre-digitized fonts. Includes true type font compatibility. Create fonts from the component library.

Stitch style can be fully customised. Edit material compensating adjustments.  Digitizing modes include standard (arc & bezier) hand free, auto-digitize shapes, auto shapes and vector objects, auto-trace on raster image regions, auto fill on raster and vector images, auto trace and auto fill on complex colour images.

Full advanced object block and stitch edit features. Change shape, scale, move, duplicate and combine images.  Change elements of shape like outline, hole, stitch direction, entry and exit point.

Stitch editing – Add, move and delete individual stitches

More than 300 patterns and 150 programmable stitches included.

Most embroidery machine formats supported however if there is one that is not supported a plugin can be created