Elasticating and Multi-Needle Direct Drive Machine Series


The JK-8009VC elasticating and multi needle machine series consists of various models such as the 4-Needles, 8-Needles and 12-Needles needle machines. These machines are usually used to attach elastic to garments such as rugby shorts. It can also be adapted to create shirt fronts or stitch curtain tape into curtains and many other applications. This machines uses energy saving technology. It makes the machine a very quite and efficient industrial elasticating machine. It is also a self lubricating machine that reduces friction and heat to ensure minimum wear of metal parts. The maximum speed is electronically adjustable.

The machine comes with a puller but can also be equipped with a metering device for assisted feeding to ensure constant stitch size on heavy garments or in cases were elastic is being stretched during sewing application.


Additional information

Max Speed:


Needle Type:


Needle Size:

14 – 16 / 90 – 100

Presser Foot Lift Height:


Stitch Lenght:


Needle Guage:

Various needle gauges available.